Marketing for Junk Haulers in 365 Junk Removal

How can marketing for my junk hauling business bring me MORE projects?

Marketing on the web is the best thing that has happened to many businesses and the worst to many. Don’t worry we are on the good side if you start marketing online. Why? There are many junk haulers that aren’t successful, because they are not marketing online. What happens here is that there aren’t many junk haulers on the web, making it easier for the rest of us to market online. Since the junk hauling popular and endless there is no wonder some succeed and some fail in managing the business.

First things first, you are going to need a business website where all of your customers end up. No need to manage it yourself. After you have set up your $97 website, you are able to reach out to your customers through the website. Emailing your customers is the best way to reach out to them, you are able to send a simple message that will get you through the door. You will obviously send out these emails to the targeted audience such as REO brokers, banks, loan servicing companies, loan asset companies.

Craigslist is a big one, when you put yourself on classifieds the possibilities of getting calls for your service are high. Everyone needs help when it comes to hauling junk such as: Yard removal, Furniture removal, Foreclosure Clean Out, Construction debris removal demolition and removal and many more. The point is that there is always a need for junk hauling services.

Business Cards

Get yourself some business cards, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have much information, as long as you have your general information such as: Name, Phone #, Company Name, Website, and address (optional). This is a great way to expand your business. For example, say you are done with an awesome job, and you have a chance to get referrals by handing over business cards, and letting know you are available 24/7. It will multiply the chances you have to make much more deals.

The ideal target after doing the right marketing, is 100 of jobs a year is key. Once you find someone that is in property management, REO agent, contractors, kitchen removal specialist and many more will need you. They will search for your services online. To get more leads in your junk hauling service please contact Market Specialist Eddie Zubia at Call (213) 804-7437